Istinye University

Istinye University is a distinguished institution founded in 2015 by the 21st Century Anatolian Foundation. Istinye University builds upon the esteemed legacy of the MLP Care Group, known for its renowned hospital brands, including “Liv Hospital,” “Medical Park,” and “VM Medical Park.” Istinye University embodies a commitment to academic excellence and innovation. Founded with a vision to contribute to society through education and research, the university aims to take its place among Turkey and the world’s most prestigious institutions by producing new knowledge and equipping students with the skills needed to excel in their fields. Istinye University nurtures leaders who steer society with integrity, innovation, and compassion. Their students are empowered to develop leadership skills, work collaboratively as part of a team, and embrace healthy competition. With a focus on rational thinking, strategic decisionmaking, and a strong work ethic, their students are equipped to excel in today’s dynamic and competitive world.

Being an Istinye University student is more than just an education—it’s a culture. Their students embrace a holistic approach to life, combining academic excellence with emotional awareness, physical well-being, and social responsibility. They embody a culture of innovation, curiosity, and continuous self-improvement, setting an example for society and shaping the future as leaders in their fields. Join Istinye University—an institution dedicated to empowering minds, shaping futures, and making a positive impact on society and the world.