Study in Hong Kong

Study in Hong Kong
Why Hong Kong

Universities in Hong Kong are often world-leading in technical and engineering subjects. Most university programs are taught in English.


Hong Kong a unique place where East meets West. It was ranked #10 in QS’s Best Student Cities in 2019. Universities in Hong Kong are internationally recognized and are ranked in the Top 100 worldwide. Study in Hong Kong Universities in Hong Kong are often world-leading in technical and engineering subjects. Most university programs are taught in English. There are a number of scholarships and awards offered to international students to help finance their studies in Hong Kong.

Seventy of the world’s largest banks have a base in Hong Kong. It is one of the world’s leading international financial centres. International students are permitted to seek part-time jobs throughout their course
at the university. Completion of degree in Hong Kong leads to work permit and to permanent residency.

What are you waiting for, apply now and become a citizen of the world.

Key Benefits:
• Hong Kong is an Asian economic power, and a world-leading centre of finance, trade and logistics.
• World class education with generous scholarships
• Excellent work opportunities after completing the degree
• The government allows international students to stay in Hong Kong for 12 months after graduation to look for jobs
• Eligible for PR in 7 years
• Pathway to citizenship
• Easy visa processing

Hong Kong quick facts

Average tuition fee- $19,000

Average living cost approximately- USD $4000-6000

Accommodation- USD $2000-4000

Total expenses- around $30,000

Average GPA- 2.5


  • Its one of the most competitive economy in the world
  • It’s a gateway to china- located on the southeast coast of China
  • Graduates are allowed to remain and work in the city if they wish
  • Take advantage of an array of entry-level job opportunities across many booming industries
  • Over 9,000 multinational companies headquartered in Hong Kong
  • The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is one of the largest and most active stock exchanges in the world.
  • As of March 2023, Hong Kong’s foreign exchange reserves amounted to around US$502 billion, according to data from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. This helps to maintain the stability of its currency, the Hong Kong dollar.

Study in Hong Kong Education

  • Internationally recognized and world class universities- English is the medium of instruction
  • Generous scholarships for outstanding students
  • Excellent destination to study Business Management, Finance, entrepreneurship, Computer Science, engineering- structural, civil, electrical, environmental sciences,
  • Universities such as HKU & City University offer dual programs with excellent universities such as Columbia University.
  • It’s the 7th most safest city in the world for personal safety
  • Easy to reach, with a less-than five hour flight t most of the neighboring countries in Southeast Asia
  • It’s a bilingual city, with English and Chinese as official language

Visa & Work Experience

  • You will be able to work part-time on campus during the semester, and also work during the summer vacation in Hong Kong.
  • All graduates are automatically granted a year-long visa to look for jobs and work in Hong Kong. After seven years of residing in Hong Kong, you’ll be eligible to apply for permanent residency.
  • For UG & PG there are guaranteed internships
  • There’s not usually a fee to pay for the first residence card you apply for.

Benefits of having PR card

  • The right to remain in Hong Kong permanently.
  • The right to work in Hong Kong.
  • Access to education and healthcare.
  • The right to vote in some local elections.
  • Access to some government programs, subject to eligibility.

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